Jan. 25th, 2015

seerofbread: (:B)
I got my wisdom teeth taken out.... almost a week ago. It was pretty uneventful. For some reason I've been a bit more emotional since then. (Part of it has to do with weird feelings about needing them taken out, but I don't think that accounts for it.) But that's pretty much the worst part. If there are complications, I'll know when I go to my follow-up, but I only needed some ibuprofen and not even as much as prescribed.

Earlier I got surgery on my ingrown toenail and that went even more uneventfully, healing faster than the doctor said it would. So I'm working on collecting evidence to prove or refute my hypothesis that I am secretly the Wolverine.

I've only had two classes since my last post. Both of them were the same class, the one I was super excited about. It's gotten a bit less exciting since I remembered that I'm at a community college, and therefore may not have the resources to do anything extremely exciting, but like. There are still lab coats and goggles and red science notebooks. And only five other people in the class! We played with spectrometers last time, which was pretty fun.

OH AND LAST NIGHT! I finished watching Orange is the New Black! Time for spoilers? POSSIBLY including season 3???? )

Related: If anyone can rec any Suzanne-centric comfort-heavy h/c or fix-it fic, please link me to it ASAP.



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