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If you're looking for a cute funny story about how I stumbled on this wacky webcomic: A girl I had a crush on was into it so I figured I'd read it in an effort to have more things to talk about with her. (We did not get together, which is probably for the best because I have since come to the conclusion that I am shit at distance relationships.)

If you want details you may want to brace yourself for something a little less cute and funny.

Uh let's see. I started reading it in November of 2011; everyone was talking about it because Act 6 had just started. (It occurs to me that I probably saw Cascade out-of-context a couple months before and was like, "????" about everything, which might have actually delayed my reading it because wow confusing and I have to read HOW MUCH first?)

I had a friend group that I made through Hetalia roleplay. At that point we were mostly just chatting OOC all the time, and forming a lot of tangled and convoluted love polygons. (I want to say this used to be an IC-only thing but I was actually dating someone in the group before the group even existed, so....) I THINK that the friend I had previously dated was the one who liked Homestuck the least, though I know she did later get super into it. But I KNOW that the friend I probably had a crush on was one of the first ones into it, or at least one of the first to talk about it there, and last I checked she was still into it and all that.

I'm not really sure when I decided to read it? I'm pretty sure one of the biggest factors was sheer boredom, because my plans for the semester had fallen through and I was just some college dropout waiting for the next semester at the local community college to start. It was NaNoWriMo, and I think I won despite starting Homestuck during it? But like, those were literally the only things going on for me then.

I liveblogged it, and wound up saying some shitty things about the romance shenanigans in the friendgroup when I did that, and very understandably lost the friend whom I had previously dated. I also lost touch with someone I'd met more recently, to whom I was more attached at that point and who is the prime suspect for the anon hate I got not too long after that. So, that was awful, and the former thing is definitely my fault and I really wish I had a goddamn clue about anything and did something different.

Some good stuff happened because of it, like finding Homesmut and the Shipping Olympics and making some friends from there, but I don't think those really happened for a little bit after so I don't really think that's quite the same story?



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