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I'm supposed to rec a fanwork I've found recently, "within the past month or so." (This is, again, prompted by [personal profile] krait, who has been making an astounding percentage of the prompts I'm getting.) I thought this'd be a bit hard because I haven't been super active or anything, so I started working on it sometime last week, and like.... look at this. I have seven recs here. The majority of them fail strict definitions of "fanwork" or "one month" but they're just so great I would feel terrible if I didn't talk about them.

These ones mostly seem self-explanatory and I'm not totally sure what to say other than "they're great," which is what tends to happen in videos and stuff, so I'm lumping them under the same cut.

I really liked this fanart, which is a crossover(?) (double-reference? parallel? fusion?) between Homestuck and this music video which I love. (The song, and the video, and the combined result.) This was the first thing I thought of when I got the prompt.

There's also this fanart of Dirk and Dave made in response to race wank and which I believe to be completely in-character. Thank you so much for this, it filled a void in my heart.

And this cosplay photoshoot! Terezi and Vriska look pretty great, though honestly the real thing that makes it worth reccing is the fact that I never imagined a tree could look so real while photoshopped? Like I can still tell it's shopped but it looks a lot better than I could possibly ever do so props to that. (And the cosplayers, who are completely spot-on and great.)

And then there's the only rec that wouldn't mention Homestuck if I weren't mentioning Homestuck to say that it's not mentioning Homestuck. This Gravity Falls video is great. A fan took the audio from the moment that I started shipping Mabel/Pacifica and drew and animated it in their own style, which is really great and beautiful and fluid and ugh! I love this ship so much. I want you to love it too. This is so beautiful and you should watch it.

Then there's this fic that fails the "fanworks I found in the past month" because I found it probably within months of joining the Homestuck fandom and it's just still so great.

The Homestuck fic rec blog I follow recently recced A Hymn of Empire by urbanAnchorite (7425 words) which is probably my all-time favorite Homestuck fic that was not taken down. (My other favorite, which has been taken down, has a lot of similar themes, but is a lot shorter and a lot more emotion and then there's the fucking ending! I almost wrote fix-it fic for it. Ugh I miss it so much :c but that is a totally different fic so)

This one is about Feferi and her role as heiress, and how she decides to be a Good Ruler and learn everything she needs to know, but she's going to be ruler of Alternia and all the history is terrible and all her subjects have been bred into being terrible conquerors with no interest in being remotely peaceful. There's some really artful incorporation of Alternian historical and cultural documents, all of which is perfect and includes

DID YOU KNOW that before the days of our glorious Empresses, the fate of our Empire was decided by a wise representative of each shade of the hemospectrum, known as the TROLLIGARCHY? Back in the days when we put everything to a vote, it was all terrible and nobody was happy, especially lowbloods, who are proven to prefer not making decisions about anything.
-- THE MORE YOU DREAD!, in "From Sweep To Shining Sweep"

fuck da condesce
-- common graffiti found during the Signless era, popularized by graffiti artist Chelbi Kraghe (street defacer, later executed)

the troll who suffered came to me and took me to the garden where we grew food and flowers together, and i as his disciple bade him to tell me his troubles but he would not, and i bade him to tell me good news and he would not, and my heart was very sore, but in seeing me low he began to speak
he said you my disciple, here is the way the world was, we would grow food and flowers just as you and i grew food and flowers and we toiled only in what we found to be fruitful labours, because what was the fucking point of doing meaningless shit with your hands, we did not wage war for war is hatched of want and for that we knew of bloodshed we did not glorify it, as we knew that bloodshed arises from only someone’s misery
and i said to the troll who suffered, do you think we will ever know this paradise again?
and he said no, love, that was the fucking point, it wasn’t paradise, it was real and it worked and we do not have to live this way with blood spilled on the ground and nothing growing in it
-- "Testament of the Disciple, The Book of Trials"

And then like, Feferi. Ugh. I love this girl so much and I love what the author does with her? Here is some more excerpt because I cannot be stopped:

You had two main hypotheses early on. They were:

)(YPOT)(-ESIS #1: Trolls are not naturally vicious jerks w)(o just want to destroy t)(ings!
----EVID-ENC-E FOR: Moirails. M----E. Sitcom s)(ows aboat people kissing. Invention of cotton candy
----EVID-ENC-E AGAINST: Science??

)(YPOT)(-ESIS #2: Lots of trolls don’t like t)(e Condesce, w)(ic)( means t)(ere are trolls out t)(ere like me, w)(ic)( means political support.
----EVID-ENC-E FOR: ????
----EVID-ENC-E AGAINST ADD-ENDUM: T)(ose books seariously suck and are bad

The ----EVID-ENC-E FOR you went scouting out. Feeling a little silly about it, you closed all your curtains, wrapped yourself in a big soft length of blue fabric you’d pinned to the wall, and you searched: CONDESCE, HERESY, OPINION. Everything that popped up was crammed with **BANNED**, **HERETICAL**, **TREASON**, and **EVIDENCE**, sometimes more than one on the same document. Eridan had said you shouldn’t, but what was the worst thing that could happen? The Alternian Pageant had already happened to you. Everything from there was downstream.

As it turned out, it was the worst thing in a different way. The thing about hypotheses were that they were just hypotheses, and that worrying the world was bad was just a worry, and that in fact you placed a lot of emphasis on optimism. If you had not been an optimist, you never would have made the dreary trek every night to collect food for Gl’bgolyb. You wanted to believe that the universe was basically just, and that the Alternian empire was misguided --

The numbers washed over you, because numbers were also just that, numbers: you were empty by the third column of statistics about how many trolls got culled each year and the reason why put down on the forms. You wanted to be sad, but it just left you empty as an abandoned nautilus shell: INFIRM. INFIRM. INFIRM. MENTALLY INFIRM. UNFIT FOR DUTY. TREASONOUS. INFIRM. WRITES EROTIC STORIES ABOUT TROLL LAW & ORDER CHARACTERS. INFIRM. That had been in Culling Practices: The Price Of Overenthusiasm, written by some troll long since culled now, which you would find both ironic and a recurring theme.

I could go on forever, as evidenced by how long this already is. It is seriously my absolute favorite fic right now. Read it when you have time it is the BEST.

This is a fic that I found like two days ago and might fail the "fanworks I found within one month" in that I'm not totally sure it's a fanwork? It's technically original? IDK it's a parody and it's hilarious and beautiful.

I also stumbled on the beauty that is Working Title by Franzeska, from the fictional fandom Ghost Soup inspired by someone making a fake example fandom. It's a beautiful parody fic. Here is my favorite part:

That night, Angela slipped into Moira's room. Teh space-elfmaiden was asleep, her hair fanned out over her pillow. She looked girlishly innocent in her sleep; as she stood over her bed watching her, Angela was overcome with a powerful desire to

[Note to self: they have a lot of sex.]

And the runner-up:

Ryan turned on his lightsaber. It was big and red. "Now it's your turn," he rumbled.

"Hey, I don't like to just whip mine out. It's better to try to talk first."

Ryan's lightsaber throbbed. "Cross your lightsaber with mine," he said. "Only the conversation of the blades will satisfy honor."

Luke pulled out his lightsaber. He turned it on. It pulsed purplely.

[Note to self: They fight a bunch.]

The fic itself is pretty quick (in part due to a lot of bits that the author "meant to revisit") at 1333 words, but the best part is that Franzeska is the second coming of Dave Strider and asked friends to leave fake wank about a fake fandom in the comments, with results like

I can't believe you killed Luke in a story you couldn't even get his name right in. Hello, it's Luke Morgan Justinius Freeman Jackson IV, not III!

I could totally tear this apart but I won't because you totally recognize how much happier EVERYONE ELSE INCLUDING FANDOM would be if they just SHOT RYAN INTO SPACE amirite?

You know you'd be beheaded in medieval Europe for saying that.

BTW, that name was never cannon! It was never used in a single episode!

Does it take you longer to watch the subbed versions because you have to pause it to sound out each sentence?
PS: I'm totally proud to be elitist if it means I get to hang out with people who can spell elitist.

Blowing up screenshots and analyzing pixels is practically science! You can't argue with science! That's like arguing space elf biology.

(The elf biology arguments are my favorite part, as a Homestuck who doesn't get people with "humans but grey" troll headcanons.)

AND NOW WATCH ME REC AN ENTIRE BLOG (probably fails most "fanwork" definitions in a technical sense, definitely fails the one-month thing)

This one is technically this whole blog but especially this tag. It's an in-character blog run by Mayakern, who writes and draws Monster Pop!, which is a great romcom webcomic with monsters and humans and a lot of cool dynamics and stuff? Anyway, metaviper is one of several in-character blogs, but as far as I know Marina is the only character with a blog who draws; I believe Mayakern does the art for Marina, in a slightly different style.

Not everything she draws is fanart, but this is my argument for calling this fan-works. My favorite thing is all this in-character fanart for Ava's Demon, another webcomic I love, and with the BEST TASTE IN SHIPS. (There are also in-comic references!) I really love Ava's Demon as well as Monster Pop! so every time there's any kind of reference between them I am just so happy!

Also there's a reason that only one of these didn't have to mention Homestuck.

I think that's it! If there's anything that you or somebody you know would like to ask me to talk about and then have me talk about it seven times as much as you asked, you can still comment here (or on this post if you're lazy) and I will add you to the list and do it.
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