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Look at me, making posts without being prompted. Wow. Fucking amazing.

The spring semester started. With any luck, this'll be my last semester at community college. All my classes are M/W/F which could be really nice but could just result in bad habits and legitimately forgetting that I have class.

I have an online class for which I have to introduce myself, and I'm really mad about it because it'll list my birth name right there so if I try to introduce myself with my preferred name then probably nobody will even consider it. But it's Women in Literature so maybe it'll be alright? I dunno. It'll probably be less of a headache in general than if it were American Lit. I'm worried about the reading because I couldn't find the anthology for Kindle and this week I've had a hard time focusing on written words. Also, the font is pretty small, and it's a big book, and in general it would be approximately the best textbook ever for Kindle but no, we can't have that for some reason. Come on!

I'm taking statistics and physics in-person. (Also another but that one really deserves its own paragraph.) Statistics is hard to get a read on; I wanted to continue calculus but it coincided with the physics which I thought was more important, or at least harder to replace. But physics is looking pretty good? One of my chemistry lab partners (the one whom I turned down when he asked me out) (he says no hard feelings and I can believe it) is in it and we're being lab partners again. I got a seat in the middle row which is the best. The prof isn't micromanaging how we do our homework anymore, apparently, which is pretty sweet!

THEN THERE'S THE OTHER SCIENCE CLASS. It's called Biotech Methods and it doesn't meet until Friday but I am ----EXCIT-ED. It's basically a class that just teaches lab research skills, right? The syllabus says we will be learning "procedures in areas of DNA ANALYSIS, PROTEIN ANALYSIS, TISSUE CULTURE, MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES QUALITY CONTROL ASSAYS and diagnostic procedures." Like, diagnostic procedures is the least interesting thing on that list, and diagnostic procedures are pretty fucking cool. I'm pretty sure the only way I can even slightly not enjoy this class is if my classmates are dickbags. (This is a very real possibility, but not particularly probable.) I ordered my OFFICIAL RED SCIENCE NOTEBOOK and when it gets here on Thursday I will OFFICIALLY BE A SCIENTIST or something, IDK, I'm just really hyped!

There's a lot of talk of some heavy weather tomorrow, so maybe school won't happen. That could be too bad because it seems like a kind of bad luck to not have the full first week, but also it means I don't have to suffer consequences from my late nap today and other reasons I'm probably not going to wake up on time.



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