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I got my wisdom teeth taken out.... almost a week ago. It was pretty uneventful. For some reason I've been a bit more emotional since then. (Part of it has to do with weird feelings about needing them taken out, but I don't think that accounts for it.) But that's pretty much the worst part. If there are complications, I'll know when I go to my follow-up, but I only needed some ibuprofen and not even as much as prescribed.

Earlier I got surgery on my ingrown toenail and that went even more uneventfully, healing faster than the doctor said it would. So I'm working on collecting evidence to prove or refute my hypothesis that I am secretly the Wolverine.

I've only had two classes since my last post. Both of them were the same class, the one I was super excited about. It's gotten a bit less exciting since I remembered that I'm at a community college, and therefore may not have the resources to do anything extremely exciting, but like. There are still lab coats and goggles and red science notebooks. And only five other people in the class! We played with spectrometers last time, which was pretty fun.

OH AND LAST NIGHT! I finished watching Orange is the New Black! The second season had a really, really, really satisfying finale. Oh man. I loved it so much.

If you're following my Tumblr, you know that my favorite characters are probably Poussey, Suzanne, and Taystee. So like. I was so fucking invested in the arc for this season. So invested. And I hated Vee so much, and I'm not 100% sure that I'm actively glad that she died but I'm definitely pretty glad to think that she won't be in the next season.

(In the process of checking if there was a third season scheduled, I found out that Vee's actor is supposedly going to be in the third season. I'm optimistic that it's mostly an attempt to rally some hype, which is legit and if that keeps/brings in more fans then fucking yeah sure. And if it's not totally rumors, then there's still a pretty good chance that she'll just be featured in flashbacks. And if she lives? I don't think they could really bring her back for at least half a season, between her time recovering from her doubtlessly significant injuries and the indisputable necessity for her to be transferred to a higher-security prison.)

But I'm just. Really glad that everyone else can not deal with her, at least for a while. I'm glad that Poussey and Taystee seem to be able to kiss and make up (without the kissing) (honestly I think I slightly prefer them being platonic, especially with platonic cuddles being actually established as a thing they do!) because I probably would have died of angst if they never spoke again.

I'm a little less excited about Suzanne. I know that it's probably a lot better for her to not have the apparent support that Vee gave her than to be in that kind of super shitty relationship, but it's easy to feel differently after the whole crying-in-bed-clutching-Uno-deck thing. I really hope she gets someone to talk to her and be at least a little nice to her without being a super-manipulator who preys on the desperate. That's probably the only thing that I know I want to see in season 3. (Or fanfic.)

Related: If anyone can rec any Suzanne-centric comfort-heavy h/c or fix-it fic, please link me to it ASAP.
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