Mar. 14th, 2015 10:29 am
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Today's my birthday, and also Pi Day but to five digits instead of the usual three. I uh, I was going to make a kickass pie and have a ceremonial pie-cutting at 9:26(:53) but I was up too late making this KICKASS ICON and slept through it like a dumbass. (I'm so proud of the icon though, mostly because usually "making my own icon" is really just cropping a screencap, but this is.... OUT OF THIS WORLD! :D)

For the same reason, today was the day I had my intro post scheduled for. I was going to reschedule it for March 1, 2041 (3/1/41 at 5:09) but it won't let me so I bought less time with 2/7/18 at 2:08 (as close as I could get to e in dates). Hopefully by then I'll think of some other mathematical constant to use for arbitrary numbers that describe the future. Hopefully I'll have actually updated it by then because I'm not sure I've done that more than once.

I'm sorry I didn't post anything all through February. Mostly because I wanted to. I got a kickass tattoo that I want everyone to see, because it's wonderful and I love it, but first I wanted to heal and then I was like, "Do I really want to post such an identifying feature publicly online?" But then I remembered that people who would use my tattoo to find me IRL will probably eventually find me IRL whether I post it or not, and also because it's really great and everyone who wants to see it deserves to see it, so now it's mostly me being hesitant to take pictures of myself in general.

Uh that's definitely the highlights. I mean, I started watching Steven Universe and got pretty invested pretty fast, but that's probably pretty easy to deduce. (Especially from my Tumblr....) IDK let's see if I can actually mean it when I say I'm going to try posting more often.



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