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I got my first interview ever! For a paid internship over the summer. Except I probably messed up and my professor probably didn't send the recommendation letter quickly enough and now I don't think I'm not gonna make it. I felt good about the interview at the time, but now I'm pretty sure that it wasn't really that good, or at least not great enough to make up for my massive inability to comply with deadlines. (It's, like, a dream come true though, if I do get it. They provide housing and training and pay, it's basically exactly what I want to do when I grow up, what more can anyone ask for? Nothing. This is a lot to ask for in the first place.)
In a similar vein, a college that I applied to shortly after sending my transcript called to say they didn't get it, and it occurs to me that I forgot to follow up to see if they found it or needed a new one and now their official deadline has passed. So I might be out of that running already!
Isn't that great? My future has been placed in my hands and I'm failing miserably. I'm going to die.

In lighter news, everyone on Tumblr is adorable and I'm never going to stop being romantically frustrated. They're all so cute. I'm going to die.

Also I finally got some tattoo pix 4 the tumbls. Unfortunately I can't take selfies with a serious face so you'll have to deal with this but that's OK.
My face, scrunched up in a mildly silly expression, and my cool poison ivy tattoo. (The plant not the DC comics character.)
Now you know why I like my tattoo so much.

I forgot the more interesting thing. I had to do a project for my statistics class where I do a survey, and I figured I would survey people's Hogwarts houses. I've completed the assignment, but it's not like I don't like having numbers to noodle with, so if you're interested in giving me numbers to noodle with you can tell me you Hogwarts house here.

Anyway that's me right now. Probably shouldn't be spending too much time online to talk about this stuff, if I want to ever stop feeling too busy to live.... and yet here I am.

How's everyone else?
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