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[I forgot to edit out the part about this being a draft. I added a bit but it should be done now.]

I am.... really sorry.... I'm so gay, haha.... I think I wrote a bit more on the topic of "what if I don't want to write lesbians?" in some of my other dear author letters, but maybe not as much as would actually be helpful....

General things I like: f/f relationships, especially romantic; platonic relationships, especially when given more emphasis/value than romance; happy endings, even if everything leading up to them is terrible and the end itself is really only bittersweet. Also, in general, the gayer something is, the better. Especially if you have any headcanons for asexual or trans characters, please include them. (If you don't, that's obviously fine--I'd rather it not get mentioned than for it to be forced by someone who isn't really into it.)
Also, I might vagueblog/generally post about headcanons and things on my Tumblr. However, I'm not usually all that great at tagging things here, so this might not actually be useful....

General things I don't like: porn/erotica, especially non-con; abuse in general, especially with abusers in positions of authority; excessively detailed gore or violence, especially self-inflicted or hate-crime. However, I do like these things when they are done well and respectfully, so if it's Your Specialty then then I'll love it, especially if you include a warning in the notes. (Especially if it's like, 25% or less of the fic, and includes the maximum number of things in the first list.)


Emelan universe
Anything with Daja in it, honestly. I know that this fandom usually emphasizes the ensemble as a whole, and that's great! Right now I want something centered on Daja, but it can be about her relationships with the rest of the Circle if you want.

I'd honestly be really interested in anything about Daja's day-to-day life. I get the feeling that there isn't a lot of routine--she seems to have found a lucrative niche market that involves doing a lot of custom work for rich clients and a shocking lack of making nails. I'm also interested in seeing Daja get some romance; the thing with Rizu was so short! Maybe they become pen pals? (Maybe it stays strictly platonic, but at least we don't have to act like the whole relationship only served to teach Daja about herself.) Maybe Polyam's caravan comes close enough for them to meet again, and something blooms there? I wouldn't object to something with one of her foster sisters or a (female) OC, if you want to go there, the important thing is that Daja gets a chance to be happy with someone.

(I probably would have picked a second character for my assignment but I couldn't decide and I didn't want to limit anyone.)

Mad Max
I'd be really interested in a character study of Valkyrie, especially if you want to expand on worldbuilding with the Vuvalini. This post probably sums up a lot of my feelings on what I'd like to see in the Vuvalini--they come off as these "chaotic good" types, when really they have had to live in the same kill-or-be-killed world as everyone else. Maybe they used to have a peaceful Green Place, but they seem to have adapted within a generation....

I am also a pretty big fan of "Valkyrie lives (and goes with Furiosa to the Citadel)" AUs, and headcanons about Furiosa and Valkyrie being childhood friends. I am a massive fan of when these combine and you have Furiosa and the Valkyrie re-establishing their relationships, learning about the new people that they've become, and eventually regaining their closeness, possibly in a more romantic context.
(In fact, I intended to edit my request to include Furiosa to make sure that their relationship could be analyzed. I forgot to do that, though, so I can't hold you accountable, I can just let you know.... that would make me so happy.)

(I also have headcanons about the Vuvalini's all-girl thing not being defined by sex and therefore Valkyrie and the other Vuvalini would be great candidates if you wanted to do a trans headcanon but didn't know who.)

In general, I think that this fandom would be ideal if you're into writing h/c or other emotional , whereas the others are pretty much just fluff.

Orange is the New Black
Honestly, it doesn't matter. There are two rules: Suzanne has to be happy, and Vee has to be far away (preferably mentioned once or less). Past that, I don't really mind. Anything from tender loving first-time sex with Maureen in a prison closet to complete AU in which Suzanne never goes to prison and also there are dragons.

(The more I think about it, the more intrigued I am by the idea of a sci-fi/fantasy AU or mash-up. I get the feeling that Suzanne would mostly be a sort of "out there" Ravenclaw? I don't know if she would actually enjoy living in space, but given the whole Time Hump thing I suspect that at least canon!Suzanne thinks it'd be cool. I'm not even sure what she'd get up to. It doesn't matter.)

Ideally, there should be at least one person in Suzanne's life who really likes her for who she is (with no ulterior motive) and is really glad to see her being enthusiastic for Shakespeare and to help her through the tougher mental days. It can be romantic, in which case I would like to recommend Maureen, or not, in which case I would recommend Taystee. But really anyone who can do that is nice. (I don't really see Piper being able to do this, but if you can pull it off then literally anyone except Vee is good.) Hot chocolate is recommended.

It's been a full season since the end of S2 and I'm still not over it.
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