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The only thing I've posted in the past few months has been "dear author" letters, which makes me feel a little bad. I like DreamWidth. I wish there were more communities for my fandoms on here....

Anyway, some basic updates.

So obviously I picked a place. I think my last personal post was like "IDFK where I'm going," and you're probably smart enough to figure that this didn't continue forever, but here I am. For like a day and a half. My last final is Thursday, I go home for break after.

TBH this semester kind of really sucked compared to last semester, but compared to my other first semesters at other colleges, it's above and beyond what I could possibly have expected, really. (Only dropped one class! Amazing.)

I polished an original short story. So far I've gotten two rejection letters. One of them included "we encourage you to submit again," but the magazine that sent that went under so! Who knows. There's another place I might submit by the end of the year but I should probably tweak it for the particular theme there.

Otherwise, I'm trying to work on Yuletide but actually mostly writing shitty gemsona fanfiction. Did I mention my gemsonas? There are nine of them now. Eight of them are being written into a divergent-timeline canon story, the other is a more classic -sona who is probably going to never actually be used for anything, because for all my "fuck it, you can't tell me what not to write, least of all in fanfiction," I still can't bring myself to write myself into things.

Been looking into HRT. It's weird. Being nonbinary is hard because you gotta think an awful lot about what you want. You can't do the FTM special, you gotta order everything a la carte. But, IDK, it'll probably happen as soon as I can get the guts to leave a message with this doctor (personally I'm very frustrated that voicemail is the only way to get to this doctor; I guess a lot of trans people would be more comfortable leaving a message about it than talking to a human, but.... couldn't they.... leave an email address????)

In the meantime, I'm probably going to get my name changed legally before the end of the year? Which is a little weird. I've been out as trans for like, five years at least now? And suddenly I'm getting everything done.

Also I've been getting tons of headaches. If you follow me on Tumblr you are probably really, really tired of hearing about my headaches. I got put on a medication that seems to be helping a little bit but probably is also contributing to some fatigue which I don't need more of in my life so I probably need to not be on it. And to ask my doctor to screen for more serious things than migraines, because like.... yes I have a family history of migraines.... but given how many I have had in the past month, I'm pretty sure that at least some basic screening is in order....

I meant to post some recs for some giftfic I've received in the past.... six months........ but then Yuletide is coming up so I might as well wait until I've read that one, right?



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