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Just because it's been a year since even the most rudimentary life update. I get the feeling that there's a bit of a consensus that this year sucked, but we'll start with the good things.

  • I stopped getting migraines every day, after over 100 consecutive migraine days
  • I started on HRT? That's been fairly cool
  • I didn't even try to kill myself
  • I survived a 10-credit summer semester and got a 3.16 GPA for a full time fall
  • Ghostbusters, Yuri!!! on Ice, Wander Over Yonder, MOST of Steven Universe, and Temeraire (I read all of the last three for the first time, because I'm late at everything)

  • My grandmother died
  • A lot of other people also died, many of whom you knew as well as I did and therefore provide a more relatable point of misery. They deserve their own points but I don't have it in me to compile a list
  • I decided, briefly, that I should try to kill myself
  • Election results, and pending consequences
  • I got at least two rejection letters for original short stories, and no acceptances
  • I didn't even post a single fanfiction
  • This year's Doctor Who Christmas special and Steven Universe episode "The Kindergarten Kid"
  • Biology 121, taken as a senior
  • Dabbing

Pokemon GO is probably worth mentioning, but I honestly have no idea if I love it or hate it. (It doesn't load on my phone often enough to actually play, so it's mostly a source of feeling increasingly isolated from the College Student Demographic despite living on campus. Like dabbing. But for the five minutes each month that I play it, it is the coolest shit.)



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