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The prompt is "what I've been doing lately," and it's one I prompted to myself in a relatively transparent effort to prompt you to prompt me. (Wow, that's ridiculous.)

This is a great idea. )
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Hi I'm pissed at Tumblr and going to vow to be on here more often. Let's kick it off with that thing where people tell me to talk about specific things on specific days and then I talk about those things on those days.

What I have been told to talk about and when )

Because I don't think a lot of my friends here are very active anymore, please don't hesitate to do more than one, or do really trivial things, or anything. (Just. Anything to keep me from Tumblr for now.)
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Gonna try and do an index thingy like I did last year. Two big differences:
  • They have theme teams so I wound up joining one of those. All of the team's main and collab fills are here, regardless of what I did for them (or even if I was on the team at the time)
  • Somehow I'm feeling less rushed so if I had to guess the bonus rounds could actually be good, or at least less likely to contain embarrassing typos
So maybe this could actually be sort of justified?

Main/Collab Rounds
Three fills )

Collab round: Various (Meenah♦Vriska, Meulin♦Gamzee, John♦Davesprite, Kanaya♦Karkat, Aradia♦Sollux, Aradia♦Feferi)
Fill: Fifty Shades of Pale

Bonus Round 3
Three fills )
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It's a little late (the whole thing is like halfway through now right) but I figured I'd say I'm in the [community profile] hs_worldcup because I am actually doing things. Unlike last time I'm actually on an actual non-Noir team, but I guess I might as well use this icon because I figure it to be less ambiguous about its relation to the HSWC.

I'm doing the index thing again, over here, if you wanna read the shit I'm making/some of the stuff that's been made by people with whom I'm affiliated.
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Wow I didn't realize how much I could write about this until I started oops.

Studying? More like pinch-hitting. )

I'll add a description and link after I'm sure everything's been unmasked or whatever because, like, I feel kind of stupid about this whole thing without accidentally breaking rules.

Original stuff )

Homestuck Shipping World Cup! )
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(Whoops I've been inactive again. Will I work on that after this? I don't know, but I REALLY have to whine about this book.)

Minimal spoilers )

Spoiler City )


Mar. 18th, 2014 10:09 am
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Haven't posted much for a lot of reasons. I guess I'm a little intimidated by DreamWidth, it feels like you should actually have something to say. (Also I said I was going to do New Year's Resolution Updates but I'm not actually proud of my progress so I guess that probably won't happen.)

A lot's happened but I'm just really uninterested in everything and kind of tired. Maybe I'll try to sum it up in a big post with a readmore or two, but I don't really feel motivated for it. That's how I'm feeling. I think I know how to force myself out of it; it should be doable with a bunch of to-do lists and alarms on my phone and a new schedule but that's so hard to do. I had all spring break to mope around and do nothing but I feel like there's more to get out of my system so maybe next week I'll start doing things.
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This was going to go up on AO3, but then I realized I don't know how to make pesterlogs happen there and I don't feel like figuring it out on a deadline. So, I'm being a douche and posting my fic to DreamWidth instead.

Tagging works the old-fashioned way )

Happy Valentine's Day! )
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I just finished writing a thing for for this gift exchange. All other details are going under the cut just in case someone following me is doing that too. (There aren't many people who signed up, but this one fic I'm writing will be at least 5% of all works generated for this exchange.)

Bleep bloop. )

If you're interested in beta-reading for me, please let me know. It has to be posted by the 14th, so if you don't have time for it I definitely understand.
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Allegiant is the third and final book in the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. It's a relatively standard dystopian thing; my favorite (if rather dismissive) description of the general concept is "Muggles taking Hogwarts houses too seriously." It's gained a lot of popularity, and while it's not without eye-rolling aspects I think that it isn't undeserving of the attention. There'll be a movie out that I probably should look up more about; maybe it'll be fun to do a midnight premiere again.

I don't think there's really a way to be non-spoilery about this sorry. )
Anyway, overall, I definitely liked it. I managed to finish it in two days, which says a bit, I think, given how bloody huge it is. I'm gonna go read some fanfiction now, or maybe write some stuff.
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Wow I can't believe how long I've been letting these pile up. I meant to have them posted pretty soon after finishing the books, but I didn't? Sigh.

I figure this is as good a way as any to prove my progress on the new years resolution about reading more, so here are the two books I've read for the first time so far. They are Melting Stones by Tamora Pierce and Half Way Home by Hugh Howard, both of which I got for Kindle as Christmas presents. They're both of pretty different genres but I read them in such rapid succession that it would be annoying to make two posts so close together.

Melting Stones: Minimal spoilers )

Melting Stones: Spoiler city )

Half Way Home: Minimal spoilers )

Half Way Home: Spoiler city )

(And those are just the books I read for the first time since the new year. I can't believe how much reading I did over winter break, at least compared to how much reading I'd done in 2013.)
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Somehow I stopped working on Trope Bingo and started working on a prompt from half a year ago.

If you ever feel like your Aradia+Vriska revenge fic sucks just read this and know in your heart that you’re doing better uwu
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It's finally mandatory that I do something at all to get to next round but I do have a year so the only question should be "am I going to get an actual bingo or what"
This is what my card looks like. )

I'll start looking for strategies when I'm done eating Chinese take-out.
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I have a lot of extended family over right now but I thought I should spend a bit of time before the ball drops to put this in a place where I can be sure to find it again.

~~New Year's Resolutions~~ )

(I might make progress posts which will be in the same tag.)

Happy 2014 to everyone and if you're making any resolution, no matter how vague, I wish you the best of luck.
OK when I get done formatting it I'm gonna post an effectively-gen Dirk+Jane fill here. I'm going to post it anonymously because I might link it to someone I don't want to know about my personal blogs and stuff (yet!)

This is so self-indulgent.
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I got a ticket to the double-feature with The Hunger Games and then Catching Fire. I'm mostly sort of shell-shocked and having a pretty hard time putting my thoughts together, so I'll keep it brief, but....

Book and movie spoilers. )

As a side note: My partner is cruising through Homestuck and got through the biggest plot-twist in immediate memory. I'm not sure what either of us will do when he finishes, but right now it's pretty fun and almost as squee-worthy. Almost.
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I did another Tumblr hiatus so hello. I might not be around THAT much more because I still have homework and it's pretty square in the middle of NaNoWriMo now, but maybe I can just....

Personal update things? )

As for some creativity things: Productivity things? )

But in the meantime, the reason I chose now of all times to return? )

OK yes back to writing. Hope everyone's doing well. Probably meant to be more chatty but felt like I couldn't until I did some stupid things. Sorry if I don't talk again until December.

HSWC Index

Sep. 7th, 2013 12:00 pm
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Just in case anyone wanted to know: I'm fine with any of my stuff getting used for BR6. I wouldn't be surprised if blanket posts like this didn't count, but, if nothing else, you can get started because when I see that you've asked I'll say yes.

Unless I switch off of Team Noir and do something for a main round, all of my entries on [community profile] hs_worldcup's prompts will be rushed to keep up with the bonus round pace, so they'll be untitled and unedited, but that doesn't mean I won't share them.

Bonus Round 0:
One fill )

Bonus Round 1:
Four fills )

Bonus Round 2:
Two fills )
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OK, it's been a few days already. But, let's see.

Cosplay. )

Panels. )

Merch. )

Not actually about the con. )
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