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Wow I didn't realize how much I could write about this until I started oops.

Studying? More like pinch-hitting. )

I'll add a description and link after I'm sure everything's been unmasked or whatever because, like, I feel kind of stupid about this whole thing without accidentally breaking rules.

Original stuff )

Homestuck Shipping World Cup! )


Mar. 18th, 2014 10:09 am
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Haven't posted much for a lot of reasons. I guess I'm a little intimidated by DreamWidth, it feels like you should actually have something to say. (Also I said I was going to do New Year's Resolution Updates but I'm not actually proud of my progress so I guess that probably won't happen.)

A lot's happened but I'm just really uninterested in everything and kind of tired. Maybe I'll try to sum it up in a big post with a readmore or two, but I don't really feel motivated for it. That's how I'm feeling. I think I know how to force myself out of it; it should be doable with a bunch of to-do lists and alarms on my phone and a new schedule but that's so hard to do. I had all spring break to mope around and do nothing but I feel like there's more to get out of my system so maybe next week I'll start doing things.
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I did another Tumblr hiatus so hello. I might not be around THAT much more because I still have homework and it's pretty square in the middle of NaNoWriMo now, but maybe I can just....

Personal update things? )

As for some creativity things: Productivity things? )

But in the meantime, the reason I chose now of all times to return? )

OK yes back to writing. Hope everyone's doing well. Probably meant to be more chatty but felt like I couldn't until I did some stupid things. Sorry if I don't talk again until December.
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OK, it's been a few days already. But, let's see.

Cosplay. )

Panels. )

Merch. )

Not actually about the con. )
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School started.

Dragon*Con is in like two days and I've barely properly processed this.

My room got renovated a lot.

I'm trying to catch up on my cat quota for that new blog.

I started a project which I'm vague about on Tumblr but it's probably pretty obvious that it's color guard routine for something really dorky.

There's something else I think I want to start but it's a community thing and it probably deserves its own post.

Yeah. Stuff.
I was out of town last week. Let's blame that for not doing this properly earlier.

Various writing junk. )

Other thing that seems relevant. )
I think I meant to do this yesterday, oops.

Closing speech. )

Night Vale. )
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I don't think I've done anything remotely significant on my JulNoWriMo project for like a week.

Other projects. )

I got someone to let me beta-read a thing and I did start but I keep putting off finishing it because I'm an asshole with too much fucking anxiety. (Also I keep thinking about this space AU which is such a different fandom and such a different tone OMG.)

I might be changing my posting tendencies because right now I feel like I can't share them with my mom which maybe shouldn't be a big deal but it does seem a bit telling.
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Done! 21881 words right now. (Of course my 2K/day trend revives just as I pass my goal.)

Now I'm working on drawing a thing for my icon for the account I made on Wysp. It's taking longer than I was hoping, otherwise I'd probably progress to character sketches. As it is I have RL things to do.

But it feels good to have gotten through the wordcount.
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For some reason the perfect regularity of these is starting to bug me but I'll try to tackle that later.

Mood. )

Slacking OFF. )

Fitness. )

School. )
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This got really long, and long story short my current status appears to be "writing"


Whispers about original project )

Also )

More writing things. )

That was a lot, sorry! Now please sit back and relax to cat video of the day? cat video of the day )
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I am really excited for tomorrow )

Also I'm pretty sure I should say "fuck it" and post a thing so maybe that'll happen tonight? Maybe. (It will probably be that last thing that I posted any WIP thing of.) (I might insist on working on that tagging thing first, which I guess is fair enough.)
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I might make an effort to do one of these weekly or so just to make sure I keep "present" here or something.

My new classes started. One of them might have started on a bit of a bad foot, but that's nothing new and I'm working on fixing it so things could be fine.

I figured out how to deal with a significant hiccup in an original thing I'm writing. The other thing I'm trying to write is another Homesmut prompt. I'm learning Google Drive so I can work on things on my phone because I strive to be ridiculous. The other other thing I'm trying to ???? is a Trope Bingo entry. I definitely can get through amnesty but I definitely need to stop not doing things--I can't get points if I don't post it, after all.

Hopefully I'll get the chance to try to update some of my icon/tag system here at some point. Maybe not for a while, though.
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