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(For some reason, 2k17 doesn't seem as natural as it did with 2014-2016.)

I've written down in my little notebook (I take it everywhere to keep track of whatever, it has BB-8 on it) that I'm going to try to post 8K words of fanfiction this year. This is somewhat ambitious probably? But here's the good news: Trope Bingo is doing an amnesty round, so I can just do whatever I want off of my old cards. (Which is great! I was wondering what I would do with those.)

For organization's sake, I'm just going to list them all here. (Since it's an amnesty round, the actual lines and things don't really matter much, do they?) This is so I don't have to keep scrolling between three posts and figuring out which tropes repeat, etc.
AUs separated because IDK it's more satisfying )

I've crossed out the two (2) tropes that I actually filled in all my rounds, but if it's acceptable I might revisit them, just because that kidfic had a lot of untapped potential and fusion AUs are always fun.
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It's finally mandatory that I do something at all to get to next round but I do have a year so the only question should be "am I going to get an actual bingo or what"
This is what my card looks like. )

I'll start looking for strategies when I'm done eating Chinese take-out.
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I signed up for a card for the second round. (This time I'll have the full six months so maybe I can actually do something better than two weird things.)

Large Card of Screen-Stretch )

It occurs to me too late that I probably should have taken a veto. (I mean, since it wouldn't have been a huge deal....) Oh well! It's not like I'm obligated to get a blackout. I might aim more for some of the more extra-type things because I think it might be fun to try the semi-random trope-blending thing that can be done with these.
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I signed up for a card. It looks like this:

Large Card of Screen-Stretch )

I have no clue what strategy I'm going to go for. There's one column that looks pretty doable, so maybe that one?

I have a couple months, so I might not complete it, but it's technically possible for me to get a blackout. It's hard to tell with these things.



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