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2015-01-03 10:16 am
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December Meme: December 30

Can you believe I forgot to do this until the next year? I can, for several reasons including that I do have a precedent for leaving thing like this for months.

Anyway, today's prompt is "formative fandoms" from [personal profile] 100demons. I'm not 100% sure what this really means, but I'm going to give it my best shot.

I have a general idea but IDK it is somewhat vague. )
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2014-12-30 06:40 pm
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December Meme: December 28

BAKING ADVENTURES as prompted by [personal profile] krait. I was late with the one before it so I figured I could at least be consistent. (Also yesterday got pretty busy in the afternoon, after I finished my LATEST technicallynotbaking CREATION)

I never take pictures so these are just recipes, hope you weren't expecting too much food porn )

Lately I've been feeling like I need more icons. I definitely need a Jane Crocker icon. Just for baking.

Also shit I have another of these things to do today don't I oh shit.
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2014-12-28 09:20 am
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December Meme: December 27th

Favorite tropes, prompted by [personal profile] 100demons! This is going to be sort of hard; I'm not usually the world's biggest fan of tropes? Which seems weird because of the trope bingo thing? I dunno man they're great but this is such a hard question. (Also sorry for being late again :> I was going to post on time but then I started watching the season 1 finale of Orange is the New Black, so I think this time I at least have an excuse.)

Spoilers for Legend of Korra? )
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2014-12-24 08:37 am
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December Meme: December 23

Whoops, it's a bit late. But today I'm supposed to talk about my writing process! (prompted by [personal profile] 100demons) It's, uh, it's all over the place. It depends a lot, based on what I'm writing and how I'm feeling and stuff, so I'm not sure I can really just say, "This is my writing process."

Talking and talking and talking )
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2014-12-16 07:45 pm
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December Meme: December 16th

I'm supposed to rec a fanwork I've found recently, "within the past month or so." (This is, again, prompted by [personal profile] krait, who has been making an astounding percentage of the prompts I'm getting.) I thought this'd be a bit hard because I haven't been super active or anything, so I started working on it sometime last week, and like.... look at this. I have seven recs here. The majority of them fail strict definitions of "fanwork" or "one month" but they're just so great I would feel terrible if I didn't talk about them.

These ones mostly seem self-explanatory and I'm not totally sure what to say other than "they're great," which is what tends to happen in videos and stuff, so I'm lumping them under the same cut.

Various art, pictures, and video recs )

Then there's this fic that fails the "fanworks I found in the past month" because I found it probably within months of joining the Homestuck fandom and it's just still so great.

A Hymn of Empire )

This is a fic that I found like two days ago and might fail the "fanworks I found within one month" in that I'm not totally sure it's a fanwork? It's technically original? IDK it's a parody and it's hilarious and beautiful.

Working Title / Ghost Soup Infidel Blue (reboot) )

AND NOW WATCH ME REC AN ENTIRE BLOG (probably fails most "fanwork" definitions in a technical sense, definitely fails the one-month thing)

Basically trying to rec a webcomic and a half here )

I think that's it! If there's anything that you or somebody you know would like to ask me to talk about and then have me talk about it seven times as much as you asked, you can still comment here (or on this post if you're lazy) and I will add you to the list and do it.
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2014-12-06 01:15 pm
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December Meme: December 6th


If you're looking for a cute funny story about how I stumbled on this wacky webcomic: A girl I had a crush on was into it so I figured I'd read it in an effort to have more things to talk about with her. (We did not get together, which is probably for the best because I have since come to the conclusion that I am shit at distance relationships.)

If you want details you may want to brace yourself for something a little less cute and funny.

I mean nobody died or anything but it's still frustrating for me to think about. )
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2014-12-05 05:46 pm
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December Meme: belated December 4th

The prompt is "what I've been doing lately," and it's one I prompted to myself in a relatively transparent effort to prompt you to prompt me. (Wow, that's ridiculous.)

This is a great idea. )
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2014-12-04 12:33 am
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December Meme

Hi I'm pissed at Tumblr and going to vow to be on here more often. Let's kick it off with that thing where people tell me to talk about specific things on specific days and then I talk about those things on those days.

What I have been told to talk about and when )

Because I don't think a lot of my friends here are very active anymore, please don't hesitate to do more than one, or do really trivial things, or anything. (Just. Anything to keep me from Tumblr for now.)