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Favorite tropes, prompted by [personal profile] 100demons! This is going to be sort of hard; I'm not usually the world's biggest fan of tropes? Which seems weird because of the trope bingo thing? I dunno man they're great but this is such a hard question. (Also sorry for being late again :> I was going to post on time but then I started watching the season 1 finale of Orange is the New Black, so I think this time I at least have an excuse.)

  • Not sure if it's a trope yet (at least outside of fandom) but I like when you have the two girls fighting over a dude and then they skip the dude and go out with each other. I didn't really know I liked it so much, but then the Korra finale happened, and it's definitely how I first got to the conclusion to consider Nepeta♥Terezi.
  • Also, relationships that start out drastically different and then turn into totally committed things. (Usually flushed or pale.) Joan♦Sherlock is a great example here, starting out in the strict addict/sober companion relationship but they are so goddamn pale. But also when it starts as like a faked relationship or a one-night stand.
  • Reincarnation fic! You can technically go wrong with it, but maybe people tend to make extra sure they don't mess it up? So it seems like you can't.
  • Literally every AU. Every single one. Especially fusion ones, like Harry Potter universe or Pacific Rim universe or Homestuck universe, all of them every single one.
  • Character tropes, a lot of those. Quiet characters who are secretly badass (Zhu Li from Korra can go here), characters who are supposed to be villains but don't really hurt the MCs or are nearly friends (such as Peridot from Cucumber Quest), probably every single trope that applies to the Striders and Lalondes from Homestuck....

Genderbends get an honorable mention because I like the idea but I have yet to see anyone post anything under that name which doesn't misinterpret "gender" and/or "bend" so points for being the most disappointing trope I guess.
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