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Introductory post go! )
If you want to start a conversation, please do! You can drop a line on this post or you can send me a private message or whatever.

Have a nice day!
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It's That Time Of Year Again! I didn't do it last year because 2016 Sucked and this year isn't great either but I Gotta Move On With My Life

Right now I'm posting this so I get the placeholder link for my letter, hopefully I will have letter words in here by the end of the week. If I don't, pardon my mess and thank you for signing up!
Update (October 10): They sure sent assignments out super, SUPER early this year. I'm even more sorry about this than I usually am.

General Likes/Dislikes [WIP?] )

Emelan )

Temeraire )
  • Shortly post-series, with Temeraire sorting out the first session(s) of the League of Dragons. Key question: does he do a Washington and step down after a while? Or maybe for his whole life he's more "I built it, I deserve to be in charge of it forever," which seems more in-character but he does have an awfully long lifespan to develop as a character. (Although he does seem to have Other Things To Do.)
  • Further post-series, maybe Temeraire POV on where everyone is a couple of decades (maybe even a century?) later. Great way to go for angst and I am Very Here for seeing Temeraire navigate grief as people from his first crew start dying in ways that aren't necessarily occupational hazards that people signed up for.
  • Probably any time post-series (but probably ever further in the future), would love to see a biographical perspective on Temeraire. Is it the first (known) published biography of a dragon? Does the writer get in touch with Temeraire, or do they know from preliminary research that there are only two ways this ends? (You KNOW he would backseat write everything he could, or else blacklist the author for being unfashionable and/or rude and nosy.) Is he a well-known historical figure, or is dragon history sort of brushed over in schools and understated? Is he better known for poetry and scholarship? Is he overshadowed by a new dragon activist? What's his personal life been like?
  • Something during the series? Maybe an additional scene from the days before Temeraire POV was a thing that happened in canon? It's been too long for me to immediately think of what I'd especially like to see, maybe something about things Temeraire thinks about the people in Laurence's life, or maybe like, that time in Throne of Jade where Temeraire missed the battle and felt bad about it afterwards.
Temeraire )

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Zine test

May. 29th, 2017 04:37 pm
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[traditional "I should really get active here again" disclaimer]

In the meantime, I'm trying to gauge interest in my writing, namely whether or not it would be worthwhile to start some "pay-as-you-will" zine thing while I hunt for jobs. I'm starting with a free flash fiction one-shot to test formatting and general interest.
Pretentious header: "Unrain: a trial ezine."
If you want to read it, you can check it out at this link which allows previewing, but if you like it you can say so by downloading. If you want to share it on Tumblr I have a post here but TBH I might have messed up Tumblr's search thing with a link, or whatever, so if you know those workarounds you're welcome to put the orangedox link up a different way, as long as credit happens. (Or to just share that link wherever. It'll count views/downloads which is handier than counting reblogs/notes.)

Given my inactivity here, I realize that this might not be seen by anyone, but I gotta.... I gotta try, guys. It'd mean a lot to me if this could get a little love.

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(For some reason, 2k17 doesn't seem as natural as it did with 2014-2016.)

I've written down in my little notebook (I take it everywhere to keep track of whatever, it has BB-8 on it) that I'm going to try to post 8K words of fanfiction this year. This is somewhat ambitious probably? But here's the good news: Trope Bingo is doing an amnesty round, so I can just do whatever I want off of my old cards. (Which is great! I was wondering what I would do with those.)

For organization's sake, I'm just going to list them all here. (Since it's an amnesty round, the actual lines and things don't really matter much, do they?) This is so I don't have to keep scrolling between three posts and figuring out which tropes repeat, etc.
AUs separated because IDK it's more satisfying )

I've crossed out the two (2) tropes that I actually filled in all my rounds, but if it's acceptable I might revisit them, just because that kidfic had a lot of untapped potential and fusion AUs are always fun.
Just because it's been a year since even the most rudimentary life update. I get the feeling that there's a bit of a consensus that this year sucked, but we'll start with the good things.
Good things that happened )
Bad things that happened )
Pokemon GO is probably worth mentioning, but I honestly have no idea if I love it or hate it. (It doesn't load on my phone often enough to actually play, so it's mostly a source of feeling increasingly isolated from the College Student Demographic despite living on campus. Like dabbing. But for the five minutes each month that I play it, it is the coolest shit.)
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I should probably try to make a Life Update Post before 2017 starts. It's been one hell of a year, if you know what I'm saying. But let's start with the easy stuff.

Spoilers, if you can imagine it )
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The only thing I've posted in the past few months has been "dear author" letters, which makes me feel a little bad. I like DreamWidth. I wish there were more communities for my fandoms on here....

Anyway, some basic updates.

College )

Writing )

Health stuff? )

I meant to post some recs for some giftfic I've received in the past.... six months........ but then Yuletide is coming up so I might as well wait until I've read that one, right?
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[I forgot to edit out the part about this being a draft. I added a bit but it should be done now.]

I am.... really sorry.... I'm so gay, haha.... I think I wrote a bit more on the topic of "what if I don't want to write lesbians?" in some of my other dear author letters, but maybe not as much as would actually be helpful....

General things )

Emelan )


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Hello! I was drafting this earlier, but I lost the draft, so this might be a bit rushed, or come off as sort of demanding. (I'm not sure if it said anywhere in this challenge, but I'm used to the idea of exchanges that match only on fandom/character with everything in the request letter optional. Obviously I'd prefer if you did letter things, but if your specialties lie elsewhere then I'll probably love whatever you do with the fandom/characters.)

Dear Autistic Author )
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Why I'm going to die )

At least let me show off my tattoo first )

Anyway that's me right now. Probably shouldn't be spending too much time online to talk about this stuff, if I want to ever stop feeling too busy to live.... and yet here I am.

How's everyone else?


Mar. 14th, 2015 10:29 am
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Today's my birthday, and also Pi Day but to five digits instead of the usual three. I uh, I was going to make a kickass pie and have a ceremonial pie-cutting at 9:26(:53) but I was up too late making this KICKASS ICON and slept through it like a dumbass. (I'm so proud of the icon though, mostly because usually "making my own icon" is really just cropping a screencap, but this is.... OUT OF THIS WORLD! :D)

For the same reason, today was the day I had my intro post scheduled for. I was going to reschedule it for March 1, 2041 (3/1/41 at 5:09) but it won't let me so I bought less time with 2/7/18 at 2:08 (as close as I could get to e in dates). Hopefully by then I'll think of some other mathematical constant to use for arbitrary numbers that describe the future. Hopefully I'll have actually updated it by then because I'm not sure I've done that more than once.

I'm sorry I didn't post anything all through February. Mostly because I wanted to. I got a kickass tattoo that I want everyone to see, because it's wonderful and I love it, but first I wanted to heal and then I was like, "Do I really want to post such an identifying feature publicly online?" But then I remembered that people who would use my tattoo to find me IRL will probably eventually find me IRL whether I post it or not, and also because it's really great and everyone who wants to see it deserves to see it, so now it's mostly me being hesitant to take pictures of myself in general.

Uh that's definitely the highlights. I mean, I started watching Steven Universe and got pretty invested pretty fast, but that's probably pretty easy to deduce. (Especially from my Tumblr....) IDK let's see if I can actually mean it when I say I'm going to try posting more often.
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I got my wisdom teeth taken out.... almost a week ago. It was pretty uneventful. For some reason I've been a bit more emotional since then. (Part of it has to do with weird feelings about needing them taken out, but I don't think that accounts for it.) But that's pretty much the worst part. If there are complications, I'll know when I go to my follow-up, but I only needed some ibuprofen and not even as much as prescribed.

Earlier I got surgery on my ingrown toenail and that went even more uneventfully, healing faster than the doctor said it would. So I'm working on collecting evidence to prove or refute my hypothesis that I am secretly the Wolverine.

I've only had two classes since my last post. Both of them were the same class, the one I was super excited about. It's gotten a bit less exciting since I remembered that I'm at a community college, and therefore may not have the resources to do anything extremely exciting, but like. There are still lab coats and goggles and red science notebooks. And only five other people in the class! We played with spectrometers last time, which was pretty fun.

OH AND LAST NIGHT! I finished watching Orange is the New Black! Time for spoilers? POSSIBLY including season 3???? )

Related: If anyone can rec any Suzanne-centric comfort-heavy h/c or fix-it fic, please link me to it ASAP.
Look at me, making posts without being prompted. Wow. Fucking amazing.

The spring semester started. With any luck, this'll be my last semester at community college. All my classes are M/W/F which could be really nice but could just result in bad habits and legitimately forgetting that I have class.

Class details )

There's a lot of talk of some heavy weather tomorrow, so maybe school won't happen. That could be too bad because it seems like a kind of bad luck to not have the full first week, but also it means I don't have to suffer consequences from my late nap today and other reasons I'm probably not going to wake up on time.
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Can you believe I forgot to do this until the next year? I can, for several reasons including that I do have a precedent for leaving thing like this for months.

Anyway, today's prompt is "formative fandoms" from [personal profile] 100demons. I'm not 100% sure what this really means, but I'm going to give it my best shot.

I have a general idea but IDK it is somewhat vague. )
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I'm really sorry, I really wanted to try to do today's December Meme thing on time, but, like. I don't think it's going to happen tonight. (Going to try to make it happen tomorrow.) Instead I'm just going to vent for a bit.

Warnings for suicide? Transphobia? Stuff? )
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BAKING ADVENTURES as prompted by [personal profile] krait. I was late with the one before it so I figured I could at least be consistent. (Also yesterday got pretty busy in the afternoon, after I finished my LATEST technicallynotbaking CREATION)

I never take pictures so these are just recipes, hope you weren't expecting too much food porn )

Lately I've been feeling like I need more icons. I definitely need a Jane Crocker icon. Just for baking.

Also shit I have another of these things to do today don't I oh shit.
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Favorite tropes, prompted by [personal profile] 100demons! This is going to be sort of hard; I'm not usually the world's biggest fan of tropes? Which seems weird because of the trope bingo thing? I dunno man they're great but this is such a hard question. (Also sorry for being late again :> I was going to post on time but then I started watching the season 1 finale of Orange is the New Black, so I think this time I at least have an excuse.)

Spoilers for Legend of Korra? )
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Whoops, it's a bit late. But today I'm supposed to talk about my writing process! (prompted by [personal profile] 100demons) It's, uh, it's all over the place. It depends a lot, based on what I'm writing and how I'm feeling and stuff, so I'm not sure I can really just say, "This is my writing process."

Talking and talking and talking )
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I'm supposed to rec a fanwork I've found recently, "within the past month or so." (This is, again, prompted by [personal profile] krait, who has been making an astounding percentage of the prompts I'm getting.) I thought this'd be a bit hard because I haven't been super active or anything, so I started working on it sometime last week, and like.... look at this. I have seven recs here. The majority of them fail strict definitions of "fanwork" or "one month" but they're just so great I would feel terrible if I didn't talk about them.

These ones mostly seem self-explanatory and I'm not totally sure what to say other than "they're great," which is what tends to happen in videos and stuff, so I'm lumping them under the same cut.

Various art, pictures, and video recs )

Then there's this fic that fails the "fanworks I found in the past month" because I found it probably within months of joining the Homestuck fandom and it's just still so great.

A Hymn of Empire )

This is a fic that I found like two days ago and might fail the "fanworks I found within one month" in that I'm not totally sure it's a fanwork? It's technically original? IDK it's a parody and it's hilarious and beautiful.

Working Title / Ghost Soup Infidel Blue (reboot) )

AND NOW WATCH ME REC AN ENTIRE BLOG (probably fails most "fanwork" definitions in a technical sense, definitely fails the one-month thing)

Basically trying to rec a webcomic and a half here )

I think that's it! If there's anything that you or somebody you know would like to ask me to talk about and then have me talk about it seven times as much as you asked, you can still comment here (or on this post if you're lazy) and I will add you to the list and do it.



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