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This got really long, and long story short my current status appears to be "writing"


Whispers about original project )

Also )

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That was a lot, sorry! Now please sit back and relax to cat video of the day? cat video of the day )
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OK! It looks like I have a single-line bingo in the making, so status report?

Kidfic: I finished writing it. There's no reason for me to not get my personal beta on it at least started today, and then I can get it to outside beta. I'm not completely sure the direction I took is completely reasonable, so this might wind up getting pretty rewritten. It's PMMM fic.
High school AU: I finished my personal beta yesterday, and I have a title that could feasibly work I guess. Right now I guess it just needs to go out for outside beta. It's Homestuck fic.
Forced to marry: ???? I wrote a lot on one way I could go on it, but it's about four thousand fucking words and the surface is barely scratched. I like some of the stuff going on, but ultimately I think it would make better longfic which I don't think would be very good to do within the Trope Bingo challenge. The current words are Homestuck fic, but if I'm going to do something different anyway I'll probably do something different. Elementary might be at the top of that list, but it's pretty close with Adventure Time, Hunger Games, and an original thing.
Road trip: Not started, there aren't even notes! But it's chalked up for Adventure Time. There are a lot of details past that that need to be worked, but I think that'd generally be fairly simple to concoct a basic plot for.
Soul bonding/Soulmates: Not started, there aren't even notes! Except I'm pretty sure it's going to go either Aradia♥Vriska (which would probably be multi-quadrant by the end of it but flushed is definitely my tragic OTP so that'll probably be the overtone) or Joan♦Sherlock (which IDK I can never tell if I should feel bad about quadrant shipping outside of Homestuck or if I should just campaign for that being a thing)

Even if I wind up completely rewriting it, Kidfic is staying as PMMM, so at least I don't have to worry about accidentally getting an all-Homestuck bingo. But, if I do Forced to Marry as original (or Hunger Games) and Road Trip as Adventure Time and Soul Bonding/Soulmates as Elementary, I can get my petty "I didn't even have to use the same fandom twice!" in.
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Bad news: My knee hurts, I'm not going to that cute tea shop out of town, I might not be getting much.

Good news: I did already get the Uglies Quartet on Kindle and I splurged and got a bunch of music that I didn't put on my wishlist. I'll want to get that music on a different device and check my Kindle's charge and take a shower and make a drink, but then I can sit by the fireplace with cats and a book and a drink and good music. What more could I want?

The answer is: a beta reader. I might be fussy and insist on rereading it for tweaking before presenting it even for that, but I hit a stopping point on Kidfic; it's currently sitting aside in case I can't find someone, about 4K words, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, probably terrible because it's my first fic in that fandom.

I'd also appreciate any cheerful writing prompts. I kind of did that thing where I feel shitty because I can't write happy things but nothing's really coming to me. I'd particularly appreciate if it lines up with something on my Trope Bingo card, but if it doesn't that's fine. I need something for my free space anyway. It might take a while, but I should be able to provide at least a drabble to all prompts with the exception of fandoms/characters I'm not familiar with.


Feb. 14th, 2013 08:58 pm
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I AM HERE! If for some reason someone reading this is also here please tell me. This is as good a time as any to meet up! (If for some reason you come to my room please do not ask about the banners. You will not be provided any of my refreshments if you ask about the banners.) This is also probably the only way you can guaranteed to see any of my cosplays because my camera isn't very compatible with my laptop, even if I do get pictures of myself.

On the way there were discussions with Mom about Trope Bingos and Cabin Pressure crossovers so I guess we have a lot on our plate. None of it will get done because I'll want her to talk about it more and she'll be too busy with other stuff, but it'll be fun and probably at least something will be posted eventually.
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I signed up for a card. It looks like this:

Large Card of Screen-Stretch )

I have no clue what strategy I'm going to go for. There's one column that looks pretty doable, so maybe that one?

I have a couple months, so I might not complete it, but it's technically possible for me to get a blackout. It's hard to tell with these things.



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