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It's That Time Of Year Again! I didn't do it last year because 2016 Sucked and this year isn't great either but I Gotta Move On With My Life

Right now I'm posting this so I get the placeholder link for my letter, hopefully I will have letter words in here by the end of the week. If I don't, pardon my mess and thank you for signing up!
Update (October 10): They sure sent assignments out super, SUPER early this year. I'm even more sorry about this than I usually am.

I like pretty much everything! I am especially fond of fluffy stuff with bittersweet endings, and angst with optimistic endings, and just straight-up hardcore h/c. AUs are always awesome too! I'm especially fond of fandom AUs (Harry Potter AU, Pacific Rim AU, Steven Universe AU, if you matched me on multiple fandoms then I'd love to see a Temeraire AU, role swap AU, etc.) (actually I just realized that all my fandoms here have great worldbuilding if you wanted to make it an AU, except maybe WOY) but also just, whatever your brain wants to do. I love found family tropes and anything that values platonic relationships, and also like, EVERY queer/neurodivergent headcanon.

When I request to not see something, it's usually out of being worried it won't be done well, or because I'm not always in the mood for it. So as long as it's what you want to write, I think you'll do fine, just label it so I know if I want to save it for later! (Especially please warn/label for death, self-harm, and sexytimes.)

This is like, my Yuletide Fandom. I request and offer it every year, and I don't often get around to writing or reading it otherwise, but it wouldn't feel like Yuletide if I didn't make my favorite request. I love all these characters so much! I couldn't bring myself to pick any so here's what I like about all of the characters:
  • Briar, Daja, Sandry, Tris: FOUND FAMILY TROPES FOREVER! Right now I think I'd be especially interested in seeing them in AUs. How does the magical bond translate? If there isn't an analog, do they never become quite as close, or do they find other ways to bond and get even closer? (If you can figure out how a Pacific Rim AU would work out, please.... I love platonic drift compatibility)
  • Frospine, Lark, Niko, Rosethorn: Maybe poly stuff, or just parenting stuff. Actually, what'd be really interesting? A bunch of vignettes examining individual teacher-student relationships. All the other options here mention AUs so like, hypothetically, what if there was a role-swap AU? Where the quartet are teachers and these guys are students? That's a lot of AUs I'm throwing around. Maybe just a family dinner, those are probably pretty rare. (Is there a special event? Is it a wedding? I love weddings.)
  • Jory, Nia, Rizu: TBH I nominated Jory and Nia (altho IDK if I'm the only one who did) because the next generation of teacher-student relationships would be interesting, and Daja is my favorite. But also, I wanted to see a little bit of the interpersonal fallout of Will of the Empress, and Daja has tons of friends in Namorn. Can Daja ever visit these people again? Does Berenene spy on them all the time in case they get in touch with Daja? Ugh there are so many options that'd be interesting! If you're so inclined to include literally anyone else in Namorn (Zhegorz, Heluda Salt, Olennika Potcracker, etc., even Sandry's family and others) but no pressure of course. For Rizu, I feel like it has to be an AU to work, but I'd love to see some Daja/Rizu, whether it's a "WotE ended differently AU" or a "coffee shop on a college campus in space AU."
Not PARTICULARLY a fan of romance within the quartet but honestly if you do it well I'll read it.
Maybe a weird request, but if you're up for it (and willing to check in with rules and ask permission), I'd be especially excited if you were up for expanding on another gift I received a while ago: "To make an umbrella" by Boazhale. It's a very cute setup, and whether you want to focus on Tris or Evvy or just some other character, there's a lot of worldbuilding in here (especially given the length) and more to be had if you so desire.

So I actually don't necessarily mind if Temeraire isn't personally there, but I'm mostly here for dragon worldbuilding right now, and I figure that Temeraire is such an Influential Figure In Dragon History that he's bound to come up at some point. Some more specific ideas:
  • Shortly post-series, with Temeraire sorting out the first session(s) of the League of Dragons. Key question: does he do a Washington and step down after a while? Or maybe for his whole life he's more "I built it, I deserve to be in charge of it forever," which seems more in-character but he does have an awfully long lifespan to develop as a character. (Although he does seem to have Other Things To Do.)
  • Further post-series, maybe Temeraire POV on where everyone is a couple of decades (maybe even a century?) later. Great way to go for angst and I am Very Here for seeing Temeraire navigate grief as people from his first crew start dying in ways that aren't necessarily occupational hazards that people signed up for.
  • Probably any time post-series (but probably ever further in the future), would love to see a biographical perspective on Temeraire. Is it the first (known) published biography of a dragon? Does the writer get in touch with Temeraire, or do they know from preliminary research that there are only two ways this ends? (You KNOW he would backseat write everything he could, or else blacklist the author for being unfashionable and/or rude and nosy.) Is he a well-known historical figure, or is dragon history sort of brushed over in schools and understated? Is he better known for poetry and scholarship? Is he overshadowed by a new dragon activist? What's his personal life been like?
  • Something during the series? Maybe an additional scene from the days before Temeraire POV was a thing that happened in canon? It's been too long for me to immediately think of what I'd especially like to see, maybe something about things Temeraire thinks about the people in Laurence's life, or maybe like, that time in Throne of Jade where Temeraire missed the battle and felt bad about it afterwards.
If background ships become relevant (or become forefront) I'm not really opposed to anything, I'm a fan of Laurence/Granby and Laurence/Tharkay and Laurence/Roland and I'm not opposed to poly shenanigans and I love weddings. A lot of these prompts leave a lot of room for OCs and if you have any then I'd love to see them!

(I haven't really read much fic since I finally, FINALLY finished the series, but the whole thing is a very close to my heart for So Many Reasons.)

Man I love QC. It's kind of wild how gay it's gotten. I've got my two ships here and I want different things from them so I really don't expect both ships to be there, although obviously I won't complain if you want to try it!
  • Bubbles/Faye: So when I was drafting this, I was thinking like, "Most of what I see of them seems to be established-relationship stuff, so it'd be interesting to see them get together." But it's increasingly seeming like the comic is going to go there, and I really don't want to ask you to write something that's going to be canon, ESPECIALLY when you can't control when it posts. So I'm gonna suggest either that you go full AU (or canon-divergence where maybe they don't start the business together, or not yet) or that you go full established-relationship and go for the wedding. (Can AIs get married there? Would Faye or Bubbles even want to get married? Close second: they go to someone else's wedding.) I'm also fine if you just want to write them as friends, because they have a great dynamic as it is without the romance! Whatever the setup, I think it might be interesting to see how the relationship affects Faye's alcoholism, or how that informs Faye's decisions about Bubbles, or how much Bubbles worries about Faye because of it.
  • Clint/Elliot: Honestly of all the prompts here, this is probably the one that I would most enjoy some straight-up PWP. It seems pretty obvious that, if they got together, it would be from their matchmaker friends being matchmakers, so you could skip that if you want. (Or go over it in loving detail. Or figure out another way for them to get together.) Fluffy first dates are also highly recommended here. I feel like Clint probably thinks he's straight at this point in the comic (or probably is canonically but This Is Fanfic) so it could be interesting to throw some self-discovery in there too.
When it comes to background ships, I like everything that's canon right now. Also, maybe like, Momo/May and/or some old-fashioned Hanners/Marigold? I somewhat prefer that you don't break up any couples currently dating, but Poly Shenanigans Are Always Welcome, and I don't mind a whole lot.
I keep bringing up AUs, and I definitely think that there's a lot of potential in these ships to set them in other places, but I'm not super into AUs that make non-human characters human, so ideally avoid that, but if it's what the muse demands (or it's a Pacific Rim AU) it's good.

I know that Sylvia/Ripov is a mighty tiny ship but It's So Good. Also I love both of them individually. Pls give backstories.

I could probably go longer on that but IDK, looks like only one person offered to write WOY and I did that so this is probably.... not what you matched on. So I'll just recycle my letter for the SaveWOY exchange just so you can like, have the option to write some WOY if you want, without me having to re-invent the wheel. (I don't immediately remember Yuletide rules but I wouldn't complain if you went for a prompt unrelated to Sylvia or Ripov.)



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