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OK, it's been a few days already. But, let's see.

I got a picture! With a week, two kinds of cardboard, and three kinds of tape, I managed to be BMO from Adventure Time. (Should be able to click through to the actual place I found it. Or someone else found it and showed me, for which I'm very glad.)

Someone who is actually me but you cannot tell because I am in a box and I look like a robot with human arms and legs.

I went to about two panels. Both of them were basically on things that I was thinking about writing/continuing to write/etc. It was really helpful and I should keep that in mind when I go to cons and junk. Like, yeah, I'm writing about that, or I want to write about that, let's go to a thing where I can learn about it.

I'm not sure if I actually learned that much. I basically wasn't going to count on accuracy on anything, though, so that's okay. It was a good mind-jog, though, and probably a thing to keep in mind re: block.

I got some shirts, IDK. And like three or four clip-in hair accessories, which is fucking ridiculous. I don't really have hair???? I have a bit right now but I'm going to want to at least trim/style it again soon, and I'm bad at accessories and just this is so silly.

(It's because one of them came with a headband because the seller was sympathetic. So now I want to just load it up with assorted flowers and bows and tiny skulls and horns until you can't see the headband anymore.)

The problem with starting something like a new semi-associated Tumblr is that then I stop using what I was using before. I mean, I will always check DreamWidth on the regular, but actual POSTING....

Anyway, I've been posting some scrappier things? This should show those things. At some point I mean to start a Post On Sundays(?) (might do another day of the week but Silliness) where I just force myself to post at least one drawing/fic/wire sculpture/IDK a week in an effort to encourage me to do and/or finish things (at least to a presentable state, at least as a sketch). I'll probably only cross-post it here if I ACTUALLY LIKE IT and stuff.

Until then, I guess One More Try To Do One More Thing For HSWC (Just One) (Don't Get Any Hope Up)

Date: 2013-09-07 12:57 pm (UTC)
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Your cosplay is adorable and so well done. I love it!



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