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Gonna try and do an index thingy like I did last year. Two big differences:
  • They have theme teams so I wound up joining one of those. All of the team's main and collab fills are here, regardless of what I did for them (or even if I was on the team at the time)
  • Somehow I'm feeling less rushed so if I had to guess the bonus rounds could actually be good, or at least less likely to contain embarrassing typos
So maybe this could actually be sort of justified?

Main/Collab Rounds

Main round 1: Latula♦Porrim
Fill: The Other Kind of Butterflies

Main round 2: Davesprite♦John
Fill: 365 Days

Collab round: Various (Meenah♦Vriska, Meulin♦Gamzee, John♦Davesprite, Kanaya♦Karkat, Aradia♦Sollux, Aradia♦Feferi)
Fill: Fifty Shades of Pale

Bonus Round 3

Prompt: Divergent AU in which Feferi does not choose Amity like everyone thought and instead jouns the Dauntless where she meets the rudest and shoutiest ex-Abnegation she has ever seen.
Fill: Karkat/Feferi

Prompt: In a world where both limebloods and tyrianbloods are regarded as scum and mutants due to their rarity, Calliope and Feferi meet in an alleyway, both hiding under an anonymous grey.
Fill: Calliope/Feferi

Prompt: AU based off of this Night Vale horoscope: "Virgo, go see a movie today. It’s a great escape! Especially from all this pollution and dangerous UV radiation! Say, is that mole new?" Apocalyptic setting where both Rose and Kanaya are sick and they know they don't have much time left, so they go on a date to an abandoned theater. Whether it's humanstuck or not is up to the filler.
Fill: Kanaya♥Rose



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